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Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday - Rainy Day-What Shall I Do?

Can't take photos beyond my porch.
 I won't melt, but the camera might.

Too wet for the playground.

Even going for coffee could be hazardous.

I shall do what I did to get through a sleepless night...READ
I'm reading, Steve Martini's, The Arrangement.
Many years ago, I read all  his novels set in 
Sacramento, or Capital City as it was referred to in the books.
The main character moved his legal practice
to San Diego and that's where the action takes place.

Steve Martini was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. An honors graduate of the
University of California at Santa Cruz, he holds a law degree from the 
University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law.
Martini's first career was in journalism. He worked as a newspaper reporter in Los Angeles and as a correspondent at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, specializing in legal issues. In 1974 he entered private law practice in California, where he appeared in both state and federal courts. During his legal career, he worked as a legislative representative for the State Bar of California, served as special counsel to the California Victims of Violent Crimes Program, and was an administrative law judge and supervising hearing officer.
In 1984 Martini turned his talents to fiction, quickly earning positions on bestseller lists.

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 John C. Fremont

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday - No Rain Today - Must Run Errands - Maybe

 All the Thanksgiving food has been eaten, but whenever I wish to revisit Thanksgiving dinner, I can.

Many hands make light work.  ~John Heywood

I roasted turkey, root vegetables and made dressing and gravy.

The San Rafael Birmingham's, pie and
Hunter's; it's not Thanksgiving without green beans.
They were perfectly cooked.

The Santa Rosa Claybrook's provided pie, relish and wine.....nephew, Don made the pecan pies and cranberry relish.
Both were excellent. 

Cameron Park, Holinsworth's provided, Jen's (Aunt Shirley) rice dish, soft drinks and pie.
 It was a large pumpkin pie that was completely devoured.

The Mendocino Claybrook's brought wine and fancy water and $$ and snacks

And from Jim
It was all wonderful and
Nephew Don brought his wide angle lens and tripod and took a group photo which I look forward to seeing. 

Christmas Cactus on front porch is loaded with buds which will blossom into pink flowers soon.

We are almost through Fall in Sacramento and Spring is never far away.  
I took these photos on March 29, 2012.  So only 4 more months!
We have our winter blooms as well; azaleas and camellias. 
There is never a shortage of  flowers to enjoy and photograph, year round.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waxing Philosophical

I just read an article on Aging Gracefully.
I think those  are usually written by someone who does
 not yet fit into the 'aging' category.
Before I arrived at ''older', I was certain that aging gracefully would be a good thing.
Now that I'm here, I'm not as sure.
 I don't think I should act like a fool,
but I don't plan to go quietly into that 'goodnight', either.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Have Often Walked Down This Street Before

 The pavement is still beneath my feet
But I'm up for being several stories high or just "high"

Today will probably be the last of the good fall color photo opportunities for 2012.
Big storm due tomorrow for the next several days.
 My front yard
 Front yard orange tree.  
Looks like a bumper crop.

 More of these little blue flowers - two doors down.

The every blooming shrub 

Confluence - Daily Detail

My Cyber Monday Involved No Shopping

Going to dentist on lite rail. Rails are not usually in pretty parts of the city, 
but still there are always glimpses of beauty and here are my mine

This isn't  pretty; but it is informative

 Waiting at the 16th Street Station
It pays to look up and not down or straight ahead at this station

Drooping roses outside dental office.  I had to hold it up to see it's pretty face

 Waiting to go home at Mather/ Mills Station
I'm careful about who I take pictures of, but sometimes I can sneak in a colorful tee shirt.

 I have several more trips to dentist in next few weeks, so I'm going to keep an eye on what this bud turns out to be. 
The stump looked like a combination of several animals.  
I took up photography too late in life to do much squatting to get close ups of things close to the ground. 
 Memorial - I assume someone died here.

 Across street from rail station - abandoned Taco Bell, but right next to building in it's parking lot is this beautiful tree.

Back on my block

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beautiful Saturday after Black Friday!

Betty came with her two great nieces from upstate New York. 
I went with them to the state capitol and to Old Town Sacramento.

 Our Governor

It was a beautiful day!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Was Wonderful; Birthday? I'm Grateful to Have Another

Sister-in-law Charlie found greenery and flowers in the yard and made lovely autumn arrangements for our 
Thanksgiving Gathering.

"Gather" one of my favorite words and things to do with those I love
Charlie brought me this banner for my front door.

 Pearly Present from the Philippines from Clay, Janyll and Kaylie

Janyll, Libby (Jack), Jacey and Kaylie...daughter-in-law, niece, granddaughter, granddaughter

View from my front porch today

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