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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Short Walk on a Hot Sunday in Sacramento

 Don't yet have the knack of using filters
but am learning
These are very tiny flowers and
most of the details are not apparent to the
naked eye

 Sacramento Logo in Fremont Park

 Art in the Park
representing features of Sacramento

 Sacramento is a city of trees
Because of the drought the roots of the trees are
not being hydrated which causes a risk
of uprooting and limbs breaking off.

Wedding in the rose garden on a very hot fall day.
I try not to be intrusive when I see a wedding so photo's aren't too sharp.
Not taking a photo at all would be even less intrusive!!!

 Wedding Party Transportation
 Wedding Guest Transportation

 Magpie the hottest restaurant in Sacramento
These are the people waiting for a table

 Thai restaurant next door to Magpie not so crowded

 Almost Home
It's too hot

 Picket Fence is Home Sweet Home