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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Walk In Capitol Park

Today was a great day for a walk
This one was to and from Capitol Park

John C. Fremont Park


 The camellia grove in Capitol Park suffered from the weather this year.
First they had no water for too many months, then heavy rain and wind for four days.
In a normal year there are thousands of perfect blossoms.  This year I had to hunt for the non-damaged ones.  The yellowish leaves show the unhealthiness of the trees. 

 This photo is not sharp but I loved the color pattern

 This Tulip Tree seems to have thrived from the
recent weather conditions.  It was so glorious I couldn't stop taking shots.
 Taking pictures of the picture takers

 Another blurry photo, but I like the cascading yellow center

 I like the reflections in the Department of Education windows at 15th and N

 My favorite neighborhood sign

 Among the reasons why I don't take money when I go for a walk

 Not home, but getting close

 Home is behind the short picket fence and  trees you can't see through
My caffeine dealer is on the corner in the orangy building

 Front porch garden

Home Again