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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Senior Prom


Ready for the ball

 Bob and Mimi May

 Don Birmingham Clan

 Kate Laugenour, Mimi May

 Kate, Bob and Mimi

Receiving Guests in the Foyer of ballroom

 Jennifer and Jim greeting guests

 Steve Johanssen

 Jim with Bill and Margie Campbell

 Deborah Claybrook

 Liz with Georgene Ragusa, Bob Grant, Peter and Rhonda Grant
Jim with Jackie Grant
Jeanette Mulder in background with Jennifer

 James "Clay"

 Cheryl and Margaret Claybrook

 Stan and Margaret Claybrook

 Cheryl, Margaret, Stan and Deborah Claybrook

Birmingham and Turner Family

 Barbara Turner with Jim
Liz with Doug and Pat Williams

 Claire Claybrook and date

 Jackie Horn
Joe George

 Jackie Horn
Jackie Grant
Jacky Orsi

 "Miss Birmingham"

 Back left, Dick Blamey and Peter Grant
Front left, Jack and Kathleen Birmingham
Bill Rase Orchestra

 Right:  George and Deanna Fong

D. J. and Mike Cookman
 Cliff and Karen Goehring, Nancy Davis and date

 Jim with Stan Atkinson and date

 Claybrook's and Cookman's

 Herb Jackson and date

 Maryann Birmingham, Jim, Bob May

 D. J. and Mike Cookman
Tony Ragusa in background

 Stan Claybrook
Virginia Turner

 Princess DJ

 Mike Cookman and Margaret Claybrook

 Tom and Mary Nardinelli

 Eddis Sullivan, Susie Blamey, Joanne, Janie

 Stan and Margaret Claybrook

 Sisters Liz and DJ

 Mary and Tom Nardinelli
Mike Cookman with Liz

 Deborah Claybrook

 Cheryl Claybrook

 Back:  Tony Ragusa, Tom Nardinelli, Mary Nardinelli, Georgene Ragusa, Jeff Gardner
Doug and Pat Williams, Virginia Scofield, Shawn Kelly, Duffy Kelly Gardner

 Shawn Kelly, Georgene Ragusa, Mimi O'Brien May, Tony Ragusa, Duffy Kelly Gardner, 
Jennifer and Liz Birmingham

 Lynn Belzer, Leslie and Christine

 The Smokers
Margaret, Sherry Carnifix, Susie Blamey

 Peter Raffeto's,  Rod Seiver's, Louise Scurfield, Bart Cavanuagh

 Seated:  Kris and Phil Turner, Cathy Baker, Virginia Tuner, Jeanette and Carl Mulder
Standing:  Jack Baker, H. Ben Turner, Barbara and David Turner

 Backs:  Liz, Louise Scurfield, Shawn Kelly, Kate Laugenour

Standing:  Kevin and Jack Birmingham
Seated:  Jeannie , Kathleen , Maryann Birmingham,
Sheila and Joe Giangrasso with Irene Birmingham 

 Seated:  Wing and Chee Fat
Standing:  Jim and Carol Porter

Queen Elizabeth and The Court


Auntie Liz/Niece Deborah